Hello World

March 21, 2017

Hello world! This is my first post.

So, I went and made myself a blog. What now?

Well, I was thinking I could use this blog for documentation, testing, and "blogging" in general.. By documentation I mean documentation of how I set stuff up. Like how I've set up dynamic DNS for my home server (using nsupdate and bind9). As time passes I'm thinking I might add some pictures somewhere as well. We'll see..

For now, this is it. I'll be fidling with the blog itself until I'm satisfied with how it looks and works. That might take some time.

I'm using Hugo to generate static HTML-files from my ramblings, and I've done a bit of optimalization, so the page is quite fast. There's still a lot of work remaining though! I haven't even finished disagreeing with myself regarding what the URLs should look like. For now, I've settled on using "ugly" links (showing the .html-suffix). Blogposts will be in the format dnns.no/2017/03/hello-world.html, and tech-posts will be like this: dnns.no/hello-world.html. Why? I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've decided tech-posts are more timeless than blogposts, or something.

(Until I get my head out of my ass, this page will also double as my "about"-page.)