New design

April 10, 2019

I've made a new design for my blog. W00p.

Over the next few weeks I'll roll out more updates. I'll change the URL-format, make some list-pages, and perhaps some other things. Maybe categorize posts a bit, maybe add some galleries, and maybe some other stuff. I'll even try to update this post with what I do :)

Update 1: I've changed the URL-format for blogposts from /YYYY/MM/slug to /YYYY/slug. I haven't really been posting a lot of blog-only-posts, so this change didn't affect a lot of posts. Just one, actually. But I've aliased it from its old location.

Update 2: I just added an 'about'-page!

Update 3: Dark-mode! If you use dark-mode, and a browser that supports it, this site is now dark!